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In The Shop

Workshop The purpose of this page is to entertain, educate, and inform you of events, instruments, and people currently involved in my workshop/studio. First and foremost, a violin shop is about ... violins. So, I will highlight here some instruments currently available at my shop, with a short description, perhaps some history or other points of interest. I'll also announce newly made instruments as they are completed.

Latest entry ......

May 2012

Lots of new things 'growing' in the shop this month. But first  let's look at some pictures of  flowers from around the property. It rained all night and the grounds are wet and dewey  the air smells wonderfully fresh.....

grape hycinth

Grape hycinth fragrant

native orchid

Wild native orchid

native wintergreen

Native wintergreen


Madder  I use madder roots to make color for my instruments

April 2012

Dr.  Robert  (B0b) Hoffman

Dr. Robert (Bob) Hoffman and I have been working together for the past year or two on violin acoustics.  Bob is an inventor , he's also been developing a computer program to help us analyze violin spectra. Bob and I designed and built two experimental balsa wood violins.

Oded and Bob

Bob Hoffman and Oded Kishony

This is a screen shot  of an early version of  the program that Bob is developing. The newere version has some rally impressive analytical features.

early screenshot

Screen shot of the violin analyzing  computer program Bob and I have been working on.

The Joys of Raising Chickens

We raise a few chickens, an old variety known as  Buff Orpington. They give us fresh eggs every day. Roughly one egg per chicken per day. When I look out my shop window I can see the flock in the chicken run . They are always very very busy, fascinating and inspiring. I can't help but smile when I look at my chickens

cute chicken

Daily Progress Articles

The following links are to a series of  articles about my workshop written by David Maurer for the Daily Progress  that appeared  in December of 2007.

Searching for the secret to ... good vibrations  

This links to a video of Max Rabinovitsj playing,  for the first time,  a copy I made of his wonderful Landolfi  violin.

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Recently Completed Cello

cherry cello 

I completed this cello  late in 2011.  The   instrument has a big sound, very even, with a huge  C string and a warm  and lyrical A string.  $20K

Contact me if you would like to play this instrument or you know of someone who might be shopping for an instrument.

String Reciprocity Video on YouTube

This is a description of String Reciprocity, a print version appears in the Vol1 No1 of VSA Papers